Connecting Digital Assets

Blocksize Capital offers high-end infrastructure to analyze, trade and manage Digital Assets. Understand market opportunities, analyze your risk exposure, access aggregated liquidity and execute trades with the highest precision.

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Technology as a gateway to new growth opportunities

We are living in a new era, where disruptive technologies are drastically challenging the status quo of capital markets and are leading to new customer demands. As a leading software provider for Digital Assets, we understand this change as an opportunity.

Our solutions enable financial institutions to access the potential of Digital Assets and tap into new growth opportunities. We are committed to our customers’ success and stand for technological competitive advantage.

We connect Digital Assets

Blocksize MATRIX

Trade smarter, understand the market and aggregate all our accounts.


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Blocksize CORE

Access deep liquidity, trade smarter and optimize your trading costs.


Blocksize QUANT SDK

Execute sophisticated quantitative trading strategies.


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Robust Trading Infrastructure

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High Volume Trading

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Efficient Arbitrage

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Fastest Order Execution <100 ms

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Enter the Digital Asset market

Crypto-funds had a 15X AuM growth in 2020 (PwC) with a median return of +128%. The global crypto asset market has a potential to reach 2 trillion USD by the end of 2021.

We help financial institutions master the new era of capital markets.

Blocksize Capital powers the next digital finance revolution by providing financial institutions with fully compliant, reliable and secure infrastructure to analyze, trade and manage Digital Assets.

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