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We help financial institutions master the challenges of the new digital capital markets.

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We Connect Digital Assets

The new wave of digitalization in finance will focus on capital markets. In the near future, all kinds of assets will be issued natively on blockchains or represented in a tokenized format. We envision an infrastructure where entry-barriers to this technology are overcome.

Blocksize Capital aims to empower financial institutions with cutting-edge technology to embrace this transformation. Our solutions are enterprise-grade terminals for securing, trading, and supporting investments in Digital Assets. With a team of experienced financial business professional and outstanding know-how in cryptography and distributed ledgers, we are transforming and improving the financial infrastructure.

Thanks to our innovative approach, we have successfully migrated operationally intensive businesses at scale for complex institutions.


  1. We master the challenges of the new digital capital markets.
    We help financial institutions to get ahead of the competition embracing the new digital era of finance.
  2. We enhance capital markets through digitalization.
    Digital Assets are improving capital markets thanks to their efficiency and security, and we are experts on the technological infrastructure to make the best out of this innovation.
  3. We reduce entry-barriers for traditional players.
    Adapting to the new digital wave of capital markets its easy thanks to an experienced partner that delivers trustworthy solutions to improve the existing trading infrastructure.
  4. We empower financial institutions with top-notch technology infrastructure.
    We enable financial institutions with the best tools to adapt and transform towards new market trends.
  5. We provide the best enterprise-grade solutions for institutional traders.
    Our solutions strengthen underlying trading infrastructure, opening new market branches through terminals for securing, trading, and supporting investments in digital assets.
  6. We are a team of experienced financial business professionals and cryptography experts.
    Years of experience in the financial realm gave us the realisation that processes could be more efficient and businesses should be more cost-effective, so we develop the best solutions to improve the industry with compliant and secure infrastructure.
  7. We transform and improve the financial infrastructure.
    We enable financial inclusion, empowering traditional players, and newcomers with the best tools to transition to new and better business alternatives.
  8. We upgrade complex business models to thrive in the digital markets.
    We migrate operationally intensive business, to scale their capacity through efficient and secure digital means, and have done this at scale for complex institutions dabbling into digital markets.

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