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Consensus Mechanisms – from Proof of Work to Proof of Stake

Ethereum’s Eth2 roadmap features “the Beacon Chain” and shows a transition from Proof of Work to Proof of Stake, planned to be...

Bitcoin vs. Gold


Bitcoin vs. Gold – What Is The Better Inflation Hedge?

Before we start talking about the solutions, we have to address the problem and the reason for this article “By a continuing process...

Decentralized Exchanges (DEX)


Decentralized Exchanges – what is it about?

Decentralized exchanges – or DEX for short –  are exchanges that replace overseeing third parties with distributed ledgers or a...


The future of securities – coded on the blockchain instead of printed on paper?

Paper is patient! – is a well-known saying and therefore it is used for thousands of years to keep important information and...


A way out of cheap money

One record chases the other The bull market in the first months of 2021 at the latest should have made it clear to most critics of...


Spezialfonds – Ready, Set, Crypto!

This summer, millions and billions of German €’s will be invested in bitcoin & Co! Whoo, Whoo, Whoo! Hang on a minute, not so...

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Success Stories

Blockchain specialist Blocksize Capital joins the ecosystem

Press release, Zurich - 20th May 2021: Frankfurt-based Blocksize Capital, a leading blockchain technology provider for financial...


Five reasons for growing institutional demand in digital assets

Institutional demand for digital assets is growing as the current bull run and hype around cryptocurrencies continues  According...


Bitcoin – the scarce newcomer on companies balance sheets

Companies like Tesla, Square, and MicroStrategy have changed their balance sheets by shifting cash into bitcoin and other...