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Why Institutionalization is coming to the crypto space

Digital assets such as cryptocurrencies have been gaining popularity among investors and the general public for the last few yearsThe...

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CBDC – Central Bank Digital Currency

What is CBDC A central bank digital currency (CBDC) uses a blockchain-based token to represent the digital form of a fiat currency of a...

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Bankhaus von der Heydt: Premium Trading Solutions for Digital Assets

Bankhaus von der Heydt enhances its digital banking offering by complementing existing services such as custody, payments and a stable...


Bankhaus von der Heydt – Blocksize Capital Cooperation Announcement

München/Frankfurt am Main, 24th November 2020 Bankhaus von der Heydt and Blocksize Capital are joining forces to offer premium digital...


Bankhaus von der Heydt und Blocksize Capital entwickeln gemeinsame Kryptohandelsplattform für professionelle Investoren

Institutionellen Investoren sollen künftig eine vollintegrierte Lösung für den Handel und die Verwahrung von digitalen Vermögenswerten...

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Blocksize Capital New Release: The Quant SDK

We are thrilled to announce our new trading solution release: The Quant SDK Institutional investors can take advantage of...

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Blocksize Capital is part of the Startup & Entrepreneur Program (STEP) USA in New York City

Blocksize Capital takes part in STEP USA 2020 FRANKFURT, 11 March 2020 — In August 2020, a delegation of Blocksize Capital will...

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Blocksize Capital now a live Node Operator on the Chainlink Network

The greatest and revolutionary aim of blockchain technology, as envisioned by its creator Satoshi Nakamoto was to build financial...

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Success Stories

Bankhaus Scheich: OTC Crypto Broker powered by Blocksize Core & Matrix

Following growing market trends, the German Securities Specialist Bankhaus Scheich has launched a Prime Brokerage for Crypto-Assets...