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Blocksize Capital & BCC Group – Partnering to Deliver Trusted Cryptocurrency Data

Given the recent news, trust in the cryptocurrency space is tantamount BCC Group is happy to announce a partnership with Blocksize Capital...


Blocksize Capital Is Now a Data Provider on the Chainlink Network, Helping Bring High-Quality Market Data to Smart Contracts

Blocksize Capital is pleased to announce that we are extending our successful collaboration with Chainlink—the leading decentralized...


Chainlink Introduction & Use Cases

What is Chainlink (LINK) A fintech company known as SmartContract Chainlink Limited SEZC is responsible for the crypto giant Chainlink,...


Cardano Introduction & Use Cases

What is Cardano (ADA) Cardano is a decentralized, proof-of-stake (PoS), third-generation blockchain platform, which was created and...

Success Stories

DeFi Talents Program: Your Next Leadership Opportunity

As of fall 2021, Blocksize Capital is a proud sponsor of the 18-week long DeFi Talents mentoring program operated by the Frankfurt School...


Solana Introduction & Use Cases

What is Solana (SOL) Solana was created and founded by Anatoly Yakovenko, who successfully launched his open-source cryptocurrency...


What Are NFTs and Why Are They So Important?

NFTs have recently taken the world by storm Regardless of whether they are a part of a clever investment strategy or bought into because...


Blockchance 2021 Insights

About the vision of Blockchance: Blockchance Europe aims to introduce blockchain technology for a positive and sustainable future In...

Software in the Metaverse


Software as a Service in the Metaverse

Whether you’re informing yourself regularly about the world of blockchain and cryptocurrencies, or you are just getting started in this...